Performing a Coordinate Conversion During Import
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To perform a coordinate conversion

  1. Click Insert tabImport panelMap Import .
  2. In the Import dialog box, note the coordinate system assigned to the current drawing.
    Note If the current drawing does not have a coordinate system assigned, click Assign Global Coordinate System and select the coordinate system for the current drawing.
  3. For each layer in the incoming file, click in the Input Coordinate System field.
  4. Enter a new global coordinate system code, or click to select from a list of global coordinate systems.
  5. In the Select Global Coordinate System dialog box, select the category and coordinate system for the incoming layer.
  6. Click OK to close the Select Global Coordinate System dialog box.

You can copy the settings from one layer to another. Right-click in the field to copy. Click Copy. Then right-click in the field in the target layer. Click Paste. To copy the setting to all other layers, click Paste To All Layers.