Editing a Database
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Data View displays external data linked to drawing objects. You can edit a table in the Data View as you would any database table. You can add or delete records, or edit a record's values. You can also search a particular column for occurrences of a specific value.

NoteTo view attribute data you have joined to a geospatial feature, use the Data Table instead. See Overview of Joins.

To edit values in a table in Data View, you must have the proper user authorizations, and you must open the table in Edit mode. See Opening a Database Table.

You can add records only to the end of a table. You cannot insert a record elsewhere in a table.

Undoing an Edit

While you are still in the record, use Undo and Redo to affect the last change you made to the current record.

Warning Be careful when deleting records. Undo does not restore a deleted record. Your data is deleted permanently.


AutoCAD Map 3D automatically saves (commits) your changes to the database as soon as your cursor leaves the record.

If you do not want edits saved automatically, turn off AutoCommit for this data source.

When AutoCommit is off, you can manually commit your changes. If you do not manually commit your changes, AutoCAD Map 3D commits the changes when you close all Data View windows for that data source or disconnect the data source.

To use Replace, you must open the table in Edit mode and turn AutoCommit off.

The AutoCommit setting applies to all tables in the selected data source.

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