Correlating a Raster Image During Insertion
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When you insert an image using the Insert An Image command, you can correlate the image with your existing vectors or a previously correlated image. You can change the insertion point and rotation of the image so that it is inserted correctly in relation to other data. You can also adjust the scale so that it matches the scale of the other data.

NoteIf the image you are inserting is supported, connect to it and add it to your map using Data Connect. This gives you more control over styling and other options.

You can set the following options when inserting an image:

If you modify the correlation settings, AutoCAD Map 3D saves the changes with the drawing. The changes are not saved back to the image file or to the correlation source file.

Note To modify the settings stored in the image file, use an image-editing application such as  . If you modify the original settings in the image, you must reinsert the image to see the changes.

Correlation Settings

To see how your correlation settings translate to AutoCAD Map 3D units, select the Insertion tab. To preview the settings in the drawing, click Apply.

Note To modify correlation settings after you insert an image use the Properties palette.

Correlation Sources

When you insert an image, AutoCAD Map 3D searches for correlation files for the image and displays them in the Correlation Source list of the Image Correlation dialog box. You may see the following sources listed.

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