Correlating a Raster Image During Insertion
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To correlate an image during insertion

  1. Insert an image
  2. In the Image Correlation dialog box, do one or more of the following:
    • Select a correlation source.
    • Type new coordinates for the image frame. The insertion point represents the lower-left corner of the frame.
    • Scale the image.

      For example, to make the image twice as large, type 2 in the Scale box.

    • Rotate the image. The units of the rotation value depend on the setting of the AUNITS system variable.
      Note You can click the frame while the Insert An Image dialog box is open and use the grips to move, scale, or rotate the frame.
  3. Click Apply to see your changes.
  4. Click OK to insert the image.

AutoCAD Map 3D inserts the image on the current layer and saves its correlation data in the drawing file. The next time you open the drawing, the image displays using these settings.

TipIf your image is not visible, zoom to the drawing extents. Click Map Setup tabMap panelZoom Drawing Extents. At the Command prompt, enter adezextents.