Define New Object Data Field dialog box

Use this dialog box to create new fields in existing object data tables when you are importing Autodesk MapGuide SDF 2 files into AutoCAD Map 3D.

To import SDF 2 files

Click Insert tabImport panelSDF 2. At the Command prompt, enter MAPSDFIN.

Field Name

Enter a name for the new field. The name cannot contain any spaces. It must start with an alphanumeric character.


Specify the valid data type of the new field.


An integer between -2,147,483,648 and 2,147,483,647


Any characters


Three real numbers separated by commas representing the X, Y, and Z values of a point


A real number between -1.7E308 and 1.7E308

If you select Integer, numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number.


Enter a description for the new field. This description appears in the Object Data Fields list.


Enter the value you will use most often when you assign this data field to an object. The value must match the data type you selected above.