Publishing Attribute Data to DWF
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Before publishing maps to DWF™, you can specify which data to include from the following categories:

DWF Publishing Option Description
object data Data attached to drawing objects
classification data Information about drawing objects that have been assigned to classes
GIS feature sources Spatial data objects
joins Data from records that have been joined to the data for spatial data objects
linked records from an external database Data from records or fields that have been linked to drawing objects
data table information Table type, table name, record ID, and the delimiter. This is useful if your viewer does o't automatically display this information.

For each category of data, you can choose the individual items to include when you publish.

NoteIf your map has a coordinate system assigned to it, AutoCAD Map 3D includes that coordinate system for each sheet in the published DWF file, using the property name "Coordinate System." You cannot choose this as a DWF Publishing Option, and you cannot change the property name. If you turn off all publishing options (by clearing the Publish Map Information box), the coordinate system is not included in the publish operation.

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