Publishing Attribute Data to DWF
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To publish attribute data to DWF

  1. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Output tabExport To DWF/PDF panelExport To DWF/PDF Options (MAPDWFOPTIONS).
  2. Check Publish Map Information.
  3. Select the properties to include in the DWF.
    • To see specific properties, expand any categories that display a plus sign.
    • Check an item with subitems to select all its subitems.

    To save these properties for future use, click the file icon and specify the name and location of the file for the exported properties. You can reload these settings again later by clicking the folder icon.

  4. Click OK.
    NoteIf you clear the Publish Map Information box, the options you checked remain checked, but they are not included in the publish operation. When you check Publish Map Information again, the options are included.
  5. Set up and publish the map to DWF.