MAPLINKADD (Add Topology Link command)
NoteThis functionality applies only to drawing objects.
Warning This command will not be supported in future releases. This is the old command for adding a link to a topology. The new command is MAPAL.

Use this command to add a link to an existing network or polygon topology while maintaining the integrity of the topology information.

To create a link and add it to a topology


Respond to the prompts:

Enter topology name (? for list) <toponame>:

Enter the name of the topology to add the link to. To display a list of all loaded topologies, enter ?.

Enter first point:

Enter the coordinates for the first point of the line, or select the point.

Arc/Close/Halfwidth/Length/Undo/Width/<Endpoint of line>:

For information about this prompt, see the PLINE command in the AutoCAD help.

You can use MAPLINKADD to add a link in three ways:

A topology must have a node at the end points of all link objects. This node is part of the topology data structure and is assigned a topology ID. However, a node can be implicit (referenced in the topology data structure) or explicit (a physical object in the drawing). Use the MAPNODADD (Add Topology Node command) or MAPNODINS (Insert Topology Node command) command to create a new node.

When you add a link to a topology, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a node when necessary. If the link joins two existing nodes, no new nodes are created. Remember these features of nodes and links:

If the new link splits an existing area in a polygon topology into two areas, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a new centroid and updates the existing centroid.