Specifying Object Data for a Drawing Object
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

Before you attach data to objects, create the object data table and execute a Draw mode query to copy the objects into the current drawing.

NoteYou cannot attach data to geospatial features, but you can join external data to geospatial features.

To attach data to an object

  1. Click Create tabDrawing Object panelAttach/Detach Object Data. At the Command prompt, enter adeattachdata.
  2. In the Attach/Detach Object Data dialog box, select a table.
  3. To change the value for a field in the table, select the data field and type a new value in the Value box. Press Enter.
  4. To overwrite any values for this table already attached to the object, select Overwrite.

    If cleared, the object will have both the old and the new values attached.

  5. Click Attach To Objects.
  6. Select the objects.
    Note If you are attaching data to a polygon and plan to use the data with topology functions, be sure to attach the data to the centroid of the polygon. Topology functions do not use data attached to the polygon border.

A record with the specified values is attached to each selected object.