Setting Transformation Options
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Set simple transformation options to specify how to adjust the scale, rotation, and XY offset of objects retrieved from an attached drawing. Use these settings to make items from the attached drawings appear at the proper orientation, size, and placement in the current drawing.

AutoCAD Map 3D stores this information with the current drawing. The attached drawing does not change, which is useful for overlaying drawings or tiling them.

You can rotate objects from attached drawings so they match the rotation of the current drawing.

Example: You have individual maps for each square-mile sector. You create a drawing that encompasses a 5-square mile area, and you attach each of the square-mile maps. You set the appropriate offset for each attached map so it appears correctly in the current drawing.

If you save edited objects back to attached drawings, the objects are restored to their original rotation, scale, and offset.

Note If you have set a global coordinate system code, these simple transformation options are unavailable.

Use these simple transformation settings to temporarily adjust objects from attached drawings so they align correctly in the current drawing. You can also permanently edit the location, rotation, or scale of an object.

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