Setting Transformation Options
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To set transformation options

  1. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Home tab Data panel Define Drawing Set.
  2. Click Drawing Settings.
  3. In the Drawing Settings dialog box, select the drawing whose objects you want to transform.
  4. Under Simple Transformation, select On/Off.
  5. In the Scale box, enter the scale factor to scale the objects.

    A value of 2 doubles the size of objects; a value of 0.5, halves the size of objects.

  6. In the Rotation box, enter the angle in degrees to rotate the objects.
  7. In the Offset (X,Y) boxes, enter the amount to offset objects using the drawing units from the attached drawing.
  8. To select coordinates manually, click Pick.

    When prompted, specify the points on which to base the simple transformation. AutoCAD Map 3D calculates the scale, rotation, and offset based on the four points you specify; the base point for the rotation is 0,0.

  9. Click Apply.

This procedure transforms objects from the attached drawing as they are queried into the current drawing. When objects are saved back to the attached drawing, the transformation is undone. To permanently transform selected objects, use the ADETRANSFORMcommand.