Editing a Saved Query
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To edit a query saved with the current drawing

  1. On the Map Explorer of the Task Pane, right-click a query name. Click Edit. The Define Query dialog box appears with the selected query loaded.
  2. Modify any conditions.
  3. Modify any property alterations.
  4. In the Define Query dialog box, click Save.

    To save the changes to a new query, enter a new name and description. Click OK.

  5. In the Define Query dialog box, click OK to save your changes without running the query.

To edit an external query

  1. Click Create tabObject Query panelExternal. At the Command prompt, enter aderunxquery.
  2. In the Run External Query dialog box, select the query.
  3. Click OK.

    The external query runs and becomes the current query.

  4. Click Home tabData panelDefine Query. At the Command prompt, enter adequery.
  5. Modify any conditions.
  6. Modify any property alterations.
  7. Click Save.
Note To be able to edit an external query before you execute it, do not set Auto Execute in the Save Current Query dialog box. That way, when you execute the query, AutoCAD Map 3D loads the query in the Define Query dialog box but does not execute it.