Step 3: Specifying How to Convert Objects After Cleanup
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

As you clean up a map, you can specify how to treat the original objects after the cleanup operation is complete.

Note When you create new objects, existing object data and database links are copied to the new objects. All created objects are assigned the current value of the ELEVATION system variable.

Converting Objects to Polylines

You can specify whether to convert lines, arcs, and 3D polylines to 2D polylines, and convert circles to arcs or 2D polylines. If you convert arcs to polylines, the polyline is created using a true arc, not a set of straight line segments. If you convert a circle to a polyline, the polyline is created using two true arcs, not a set of straight line segments. Use these conversion options in the following cases:

Note If you convert objects to different entity types during the cleanup process, classified objects may be modified so that they no longer meet the object class definition and will be unclassified.
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