Exporting Text Enclosed in a Polyline
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To export text enclosed in a polyline as attribute data

  1. Create an object data table with one field.
  2. Use the Generate Links command to automatically attach data to objects.

    In the Generate Data Links dialog box, select the Enclosed Text option. This option links the text data to the polyline enclosing the text.

    Under Data Links, select Create Object Data Records and select the name of the table you created in step 1.

    Click OK and select the objects you want. For each selected object, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a new record in the selected object data table and fills the record with the enclosed text.

  3. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Output tabMap Data Transfer panelMap 3D Export.
  4. On the Data or Feature Class tab of the Map Export dialog box, select the table you created in step 1. Select any other export options you want and export the objects.