Define Link Template dialog box (MAPDEFINELT)
NoteThis functionality applies only to an attribute data source that you use with drawing objects. It does not apply to a feature source or to attribute data you use with a feature source.

Use this dialog box to define the location of a table and the columns to use as key columns for a link template.

To convert object data to a linked database table

Click Map Setup tabAttribute Data panelDefine Link Template. At the Command prompt, enter mapdefinelt.

If you use the same table and key columns for multiple drawings, specify a consistent naming scheme for link templates.

Data Source list

Select one of the attached and connected data sources in the current drawing. If you open the dialog box from an existing table, you can select the data source for the table.

Table Name list

Select a table for the selected data source. If you open the dialog from an existing table, you can select the table name.

Link Template box

Enter a new name. Link templates defined for the selected table are listed.

Key Selection area

To select a column as a key column, click a box in the Key column. The values in the key column identify records in the table, so select a column or set of columns that has a unique value for each record.

Note If the link template does not immediately appear on the Map Explorer tab of the Task Pane, right-click a blank space in the Map Explorer tab. Click Refresh.