Displaying and Editing Object Data for a Drawing Object
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To display and edit data for a drawing object

  1. Select the object in your drawing.
    Tip If the drawing contains more than one object in the same location, press Ctrl while you select the object. This turns on the AutoCAD Map 3D cycle feature, which allows you to select each object at that location, one by one, as you click. Click until you select the object you want. Press Enter.
  2. If the Properties palette is not open, right-click the object. Click Properties.
  3. In the Properties palette, scroll to view the object data information.
  4. To edit data, click the data to change and enter the new data.
    Note If the object is a member of an object class, select the Object Class tab in the Properties palette and see if the object data is listed on that tab. If it is, edit the data using the Object Class tab. This tab checks that the values you enter to make sure they meet the standards set for the object class.

To delete object data from a drawing object

  1. Click Tools tabMap Edit panelEdit Object Data. At the Command prompt, enter adeeditdata.
  2. Select the object in your drawing.
  3. To delete the current record from the selected object, click Delete Record.
  4. If the object has more than one record from the selected table, click Next or Last to view a different record. If the object has records attached from more than one table, select a table from the Table list to view object data from that table. To delete object data for a different object, click Select Object and select the object.