Attaching a Drawing
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Nested Drawings

If you attach a drawing that has other drawings already attached to it, those other drawings appear in the list as nested drawings.

You can query objects from nested drawings. If a top-level drawing is not active, you cannot see or activate nested drawings. However, if the top-level drawing is active, you can deactivate a nested drawing.

Working with Xrefs

To query data in an external reference, delete the external reference from the attached drawing and attach the reference drawing to the current drawing

The Order of Attached Drawings

The order in which you attach drawings can affect the properties of objects retrieved by queries.

If two drawings use the same name for a block, layer, group, or text style, AutoCAD Map 3D uses the definition from the first retrieved object that uses that item.

For example, if you create a query to retrieve objects on LAYER_A, and LAYER_A does not exist in the current drawing, AutoCAD Map 3D uses the definition of LAYER_A in the first active attached drawing that contains objects on LAYER_A. Objects retrieved from LAYER_A in other drawings acquire the color and linetype that is defined for LAYER_A in this drawing. This change also applies when you save changes back to attached drawings.

Tip To maintain consistency between drawings, define blocks, layers, groups, and text styles in the current drawing. For example, if you define a LAYER_A in the current drawing, AutoCAD Map 3D applies the current drawing definition of LAYER_A to objects retrieved from LAYER_A in all attached drawings, and when you save back, applies the current drawing layer definition to the saved objects.

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