Attach/Detach Object Data dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to attribute data that you use with drawing objects. It does not apply to a feature source or to attribute data you use with a feature source.

Use this dialog box to add data to an object data table and attach that data to an object, or to detach existing data from an object.

To attach data to an object

Click Create tabDrawing Object panelAttach/Detach Object Data. At the Command prompt, enter adeattachdata.


View all the tables in the current drawing. Select the table containing the data fields to attach.

Object Data Field

View all the data fields in the selected table and the current value for each field.

If two attached drawings have a table with the same name, AutoCAD Map 3D recognizes only the fields defined in the first drawing you activate.

To change the value to attach, highlight the field and type a new value in the Value box.


View the default value for the selected field.

To specify a different value, type a new one.

Attach to Objects <

Return to your map, where you can select the objects to attach the data to.

Detach from Objects

Return to your map, where you can select the objects to detach.

All data from the selected table is removed from the objects.


Overwrite any existing values for this table with the new values.

If the box is not selected, the object will have two values assigned for the data fields in the table.

Select the box when you want only one set of values attached to the object, as when specifying a pipe diameter or a desk height. Clear the box when the object can have multiple sets of values assigned to it, as when specifying software installed on a computer or types of plants in a landscape section.


Display the Define Object Data dialog box, where you can create new tables or modify existing tables.

To attach data to an object, select a table and review or change the default values. Click Attach To Objects. When you finish selecting objects in your drawing, AutoCAD Map 3D creates a record for each object and attaches the records to the objects.

If you selected Overwrite, the new record replaces any existing record from this table. If you don't select Overwrite, the object can have more than one record from the table.

To detach data, select a table. Click Detach From Objects. When you return to your map, select all the objects you want to detach the data from.