Finding Records in the Data View Based on Record Data (SQL Queries)
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
NoteThis procedures applies only to drawing objects. For information about feature data, see Finding and Selecting Features.

To use a SQL filter in the Data View

  1. Open a database table in the Data View. See Opening a Database Table.
  2. In the Data View, click Records menu SQL Filter.
  3. In the Table Filter dialog box, define the condition for the filter.

    To select from a list of conditions previously defined for this table, click History and select the condition.

    To define a new condition:

    • Under Where Condition, select the column to use as a filter.
    • Select an operator.

      To use wild-card characters, select the LIKE operator. For example, to list only those streets that begin with the letter C, select the LIKE operator and enter C% in the Value box. Wild-card characters can be used only with string values. For information on wild-card characters, refer to the documentation for your database system software.

    • Enter a value or click… to select from the list of possible values.
    • After setting your criteria, click Add.

    The conditions you set appear in the SQL Filter list.

  4. To add additional conditions, select AND or OR. Create and add the new condition.
  5. Click OK.

The Data View displays only those records that match the filter.

You can clear all filters. In the Data View, click Records menuClear Filter.