Drive Alias Administration dialog box

AutoCAD Map 3D creates a drive alias for drive C. You must create drive aliases for all other drives that you use.

To create a drive alias

Click Home tabData panel Define Drawing Set. At the Command prompt, enter adedrawings.

Drive aliases are useful as typing shortcuts or as a reminder of what drawings are contained in the directory. In addition, they make it easy for multiple users to share drawings.

The alias you assign appears in the Drive list whenever you select drawings.

To modify an existing drive alias, select it in the list, enter a new Actual Path, and click Update.

To create a new drive alias, enter a new Drive Alias, enter an Actual Path, and click Add.

Drive List

View aliases you created.

Drive Alias box

Enter the alias to use.

The name must be unique, use only alphanumeric characters (including hyphen and underscore), contain no spaces or colons, and start with a character.

Actual Path box

Enter the path, including drive or server name and directories.

If you are not sure of the drive or directory, click Browse.

Xrefs and raster objects use their assigned paths and are not affected by drive aliases.