Break Objects at Boundary dialog box

Use this dialog box to create a clean map edge by cutting lines, 2D polylines, arcs, and circles that cross a specified edge.

To break objects at a boundary

Click Tools tabMap Edit panelBoundary Break. At the Command prompt, enter mapbreak.




Specify what to use as the boundary.

Use Save Back Extents Of Active Source Drawings

Use the save back extents specified by the drawing settings for the current drawing. To change the save back extents, use the Drawing Settings dialog box.

In Map Explorer, right-click Drawings Define/Modify Drawing Set. In the Define/Modify Drawing Set dialog box, click Drawing Settings.

Select Boundaries

Use existing objects as the boundary. Click Select to select the objects to use.

Define Boundary

Use selected points to specify the boundary. Click Define to select points to delineate the boundary.

Objects to Break

Select the objects to break.

Select Automatically

Use all objects within or crossing the boundary.

Select Manually

Use only selected objects. Click Select to select the objects to break.

Filter Selected Objects

Select only objects that are on the specified layers or blocks. These filters are used for both automatic and manual selection of objects.

Filter On Layers

Break only objects on the selected layers. Click Layers to select from a list of all available layers in the current drawing.

Break Method

Select the objects to skip or object data to retain during a break operation.

Skip Topology Objects

Protect topology data. Objects with topology data are not broken.

Retain Object Data

Save object data from the original object. The data is duplicated on each new piece.