Define Object Data dialog box

Use this dialog box to create object data tables and data fields. Object data tables store information about the objects in your drawings.

Create an object data table by entering a name for the table and defining the fields in the table.

Table list

View all tables in the current drawing.

To view the object data fields in a table, select the table name from the list.

Object Data Fields

View the fields in the selected table.

If two source drawings have a table with the same name, AutoCAD Map 3D recognizes only the fields defined in the first drawing you activate.

To view Field Definition information for a field, select the field.

Field Definition

Displays the values for the selected field.

Field Name

The name of the field.

Data Type

The type of information that can be entered in the field.


The description assigned to the field.


The default value assigned to the field.

To change any values, click Modify.

New Table

Display the Define Object Data Table dialog box, where you can create a new table and define new object data fields.


Display the Modify Object Data Table dialog box, where you can modify the selected table and define or delete object data fields.

You can modify newly defined tables until you perform a save operation (either saving objects back to source drawings or saving the current drawing). Once you perform a save operation, the table can be modified only by a Superuser. Use the MAPLOGIN command to log in as a Superuser, or contact your system administrator.


Display the Rename Table dialog box, where you can enter a new name for the selected table.

Note If you rename a table, be sure to update any queries that call that table.

Delete the selected table.

Note If any data from this table is attached to objects, the data is deleted from those objects when you remove the table.

Before you delete a table

  • All source drawings that use the table should be attached and active.

    If a drawing is not attached and active, the object data from the table is not removed from that drawing.

  • Do not perform a Draw mode query.

If you have already performed a Draw mode query since you opened the current drawing, you must save the objects back to their source drawings or close the current drawing and reopen it.

This dialog box displays information about the tables in your drawing.

Some of the tables on this list contain information that AutoCAD Map 3D needs. If you select one of these needed tables, you cannot change the information or remove or rename the table. You can view the information.

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