Running a Drawing Query in Preview Mode
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

Preview mode provides a quick preview of the drawing objects the query will display in the current drawing. You can run a query in Preview mode and check the objects the query produces. If there are too few or too many objects, or objects are displayed in the wrong location, revise the query as necessary.

Note You can plot the results of a Preview query. If you assigned colors to different pen widths in your plotter setup, plotting the results of a Preview query recognizes those plotter assignments for different pen widths.

Queries in Preview mode show objects on layers that are locked; however, Preview mode does not show objects on layers that are Off or Frozen. Although you see many elements in the current drawing following a Preview query, AutoCAD Map 3D treats each set of objects as a single object from each drawing. If you attempt to select several objects, AutoCAD Map 3D reports “one object found” for each of the attached drawings queried. The display of objects is temporary and disappears when you redraw or regenerate. You can zoom and pan to examine the queried objects, but you cannot edit them.

Note You can set the Query option Show Insertion Point Only to display blocks as insertion points instead of entire objects for Preview queries.

When referencing blocks or images with the same name but with different paths, a Preview query shows both blocks or images. In Draw mode, the geometry or image displayed is based on the first definition processed.

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