Insert Image dialog box

Use this dialog box to insert raster images whose formats are not supported by Data Connect.

To insert a raster image

Click Home tabData panelInsert An Image. At the Command prompt, enter mapiinsert.

Select one or more images to insert into a drawing. You can view information about an image and preview the image before you insert it.

Note If the FILEDIA variable is set to 0, then this dialog box is not displayed and you can type the name of the image to insert on the command line.
Look In

Select the drive and folder that contains the image.

File Name

Type or select the name of the image or images to insert.

Files Of Type

From the list of available image formats, select the type of file to display in the list.

Show Frame(s) Only

Select this option to insert only a frame placeholder for the image. The image is not loaded into memory and not displayed. This is useful if you are inserting a group of images and don't want to wait for each image to display. (To display the image later, select the image frame. Right-click the image frame Image Show Image.)

If this option is not selected, the image is loaded into memory and displayed as it is inserted.

Modify Correlation

Display the Image Correlation dialog box when you click Open. The Image Correlation dialog box lets you review and modify the correlation settings for the image. This option is not available if multiple images are selected. If you do not select this option, the image is inserted using its default correlation settings. Default settings are determined by searching for correlation data in the following order.

  1. World file
  2. Resource file (.res extension)
  3. Tab files (.tab extension)
  4. Image file
  5. Defaults set in the Raster Extension Options dialog box
Information >>

Display information about the image file and preview the image.