Dissolve Pseudo Nodes
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A pseudo-node is an unnecessary node in a geometric link that is shared by only two objects. For example, a long link might be divided unnecessarily into many, smaller links by pseudo-nodes.

Using the Dissolve Pseudo-Nodes cleanup action, you can locate any pseudo-nodes, dissolve the node, and join the two objects. This option removes nodes that are at the intersection of two linear objects, but leaves the vertex in place.

Pseudo-nodes exist where two links meet; removing them creates a single polyline on one layer. Move your cursor over the image to see the results.

NoteAutoCAD Map 3D does not refer to a tolerance value when dissolving pseudo nodes.

When you dissolve a pseudo node on a 2D polyline with different Z values, the first Z-value on the object is used. On a 3D polyline, the Z-value on the first vertex is used. The object remains a 3D polyline. For all other properties, the values on the first object are used.

WarningUsing Dissolve Pseudo-Nodes may result in the loss of certain types of data. For example, if two lines have object data attached, the resulting single polyline retains object data from only one of the lines. Similarly, if two lines on different layers share an end point, the resulting polyline will reside on only one of the layers.
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