Define/Modify Drawing Set dialog box

Use this dialog to define or modify the drawing set for the current drawing. Attach drawings that you will use with the current drawing. Activate only those drawings you want to search for the current query.

To attach drawings

Click Home tabData panel Define Drawing Set. At the Command prompt, enter adedrawings.

In addition, you can change drawing settings such as description, simple transformation, or save back extents.

AutoCAD Map 3D stores the changes you make to the drawing set with the current drawing. The next time you open this drawing, your new settings will be in effect.

Attached Drawings list

View all drawings attached to the current drawing.

The first column specifies if the drawing is active. Only active drawings are searched during queries.

  • Yes indicates the drawing is active.
  • Locked indicates the drawing is inactive, and you have locks on objects in the drawing.
  • No indicates the drawing is inactive.

If the drawing has a description assigned to it, that description appears in the list instead of the file name. For information on how to assign a description to a drawing, see Drawing Settings dialog box.


Activate all selected drawings.

Queries search only active drawings; they do not search inactive drawings.


Deactivate all selected drawings.

Queries do not search deactivated drawings. Queries search only active drawings.

If you deactivate a drawing that contains objects you've locked, the status of the drawing changes to Locked.

Select All

Highlight all drawings in the list.

Clear All

Remove the highlighting from all drawings in the list.

Drawing Settings

Display the Drawing Settings dialog box, where you can change the drawing description, simple transformation settings, or save back extents.

Show Nested

When selected, the Attached Drawings list displays nested drawings attached to active drawings. Nested drawings attached to inactive drawings are not displayed.

If a drawing has nested drawings, a plus sign (+) appears before the drawing name.

A nested drawing is a drawing that is not attached directly to the current drawing, but is attached to a drawing in the drawing set.

When not selected, only top-level drawings appear in the Attached Drawings list.


Select Filter to turn on the current drawing filter.

When the filter is on, only drawings that match the filter are displayed. If the parent drawing of a nested drawing is filtered, the nested drawing is not displayed, even if it matches the filter.

To create or change the filter, click Filter. In the Drawing Set Display Filter dialog box, you can create separate filters for file names and descriptions.


Display the Select Drawings to Attach dialog box, where you can attach additional source drawings to the current drawing.

To attach drawings to a source drawing, open the source drawing directly, and then attach the drawings.

To open the source drawing, click Open AutoCAD Drawing.


Detach the selected drawings from the current drawing.

If you detach a parent drawing, all nested drawings attached to that drawing are also detached.