Convert Object Data to Database Links dialog box

Use this dialog box to convert object data in your drawing to external data.

To convert object data to a linked database table

To link records to objects using object data automatically

To attach a data source by dragging the database file to the Task Pane

At the Command prompt, enter mapod2ase.

Note Before you run this command, you must attach the data source to the current drawing. In Map Explorer, right-click Data SourcesAttach.

Do either of the following:

You can leave the object data in the drawing or remove the object data from the objects as each record is created.

When you are finished with this dialog box, click Proceed.

Source Object Data Table

Select the object data table to convert or link. Select an object data table defined in the current drawing. To work with object data tables in attached drawings, open those drawings directly.


Select the object data table from the list.

Remove Data From Objects Processed

Delete the object data currently associated with the object.

Target Link Template

Select an option and click Define to specify the link template.

Convert Object Data To Database

Convert object data to records in a database and link objects to the new data.

Link Object Data To Database

Link objects with attached object data to records in a database table using key fields.


Specify the link template to identify the database table.

Object Selection

Specify how to select objects, and whether to select all objects or only objects on specific AutoCAD layers.

Select Automatically

Use all objects, unless Filter On Layers is selected.

Select Manually

Select individual objects. Click Select to pick them in the map.

Filter On Layers

Search all layers, or click Layers to select from a list of AutoCAD layers in the current drawing.