Setting Multi-user Options
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You can specify options that affect how AutoCAD Map 3D operates for all users, across all drawings. For example, you can set login or object locking options. The system administrator controls these settings.

These options apply to all AutoCAD Map 3D users in a single installation and are set by the system administrator. The settings affect all drawings and, in network installations, are common to all users.

Force User Login

You must have Superuser privilege to set this option.

If Force User Login is enabled, users are required to log in at AutoCAD Map 3D startup. If a user attempts to halt log in by pressing the Escape key, AutoCAD Map 3D assigns view-only privileges, and the user cannot alter the drawing set, edit drawings, or perform queries. Once logged in, a user may log in under a different login name, even while working in a drawing with active source drawings.

If Force User Login is not enabled and the user does not log in, AutoCAD Map 3D uses the user's operating system login name to identify the user when locking objects, creating the .DWK file, and restoring options. A user may log in using his or her login name while working in drawings, including drawings with attached source drawings.

Enable Object Locking

Protects objects that are being edited from modification by other AutoCAD Map 3D users.

You cannot change the Enable Object Locking option while drawings are attached. If this option is not selected, only one user at a time can attach a drawing.

Object locking is recommended on networked systems to avoid conflicts when querying and editing. If you are working on a stand-alone system, you do not need object locking.

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