Step 4: Setting Up Markers for Interactive Mode
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
Note The Error Markers page is available only if you select Interactive in Step 2.

To set up markers for interactive mode

  1. To remove markers placed by an earlier cleanup operation, on the Error Markers page, select Erase Markers When Cleanup Starts. This is useful if you repeat the cleanup process to catch errors missed in the first pass.
  2. To leave markers after this cleanup operation, select Maintain Markers When Command Ends.
  3. In the Marker Size box, specify a marker size. A value between 3% and 7% is usually suitable.
  4. Under Blocks And Colors, select the marker shape and color for each type of error.
  5. To save your settings as a profile, click Save.
  6. Click Finish.

    The Drawing Cleanup Errors dialog box appears, where you review errors before correcting them.

You can run the operation again to verify that you corrected all existing errors. Cleaning up geometry in a drawing creates new geometry and new relationships between the objects. You may need to repeat the cleanup operation.