Solving Problems When Saving Back to Attached Drawings
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Several issues can arise when you save queried objects back to attached drawings.

Redefining Blocks on Save Back

When you retrieve a block, you can use the EXPLODE command to break the block into its component elements. Edit the separate objects and then use the BLOCK command to redefine the block.

To save the redefined block definition back to the attached source drawing, select the Redefine Block Definitions On Save Back option on the Save Back tab of the AutoCAD Map Options dialog box. AutoCAD Map 3D sets this option by default.

Exploding Blocks and Save Back

If you explode a block, the block definition is deleted and you are prompted to add the separate objects to the save set. If you answer Yes and use the default settings, the block components are erased and are not saved back. To save the individual objects back to the attached source drawings, you must add the individual components of the block to the save set.

Saving Back Dimensions

If you set a global coordinate system or use the Transform editing tool, you might have problems saving back dimensions. If you use a location query to retrieve one or more dimensions and save the dimension back to the attached source drawings, you might find that another location query will not retrieve the dimension. In this case, you should detach the source drawing and reattach it before repeating the location query.

Saving Back Hatch Patterns

When you create an associative hatch pattern, information is written to the boundary objects. When you add such a hatch pattern to a save set, the boundary is also added to ensure data integrity.

When you modify a queried hatch boundary object, the geometry is modified and AutoCAD Map 3D automatically updates the hatch pattern. You are prompted to add the boundary to the save set. Even if you answer Yes, the hatch pattern might not be added to the save set. Check that the hatch pattern is in the save set before you save back the changed objects.

When you add an associative hatch pattern to the save set, AutoCAD Map 3D attempts to add the boundary objects that define the hatch pattern. If all boundary objects are not available, you cannot add the hatch pattern to the save set.

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