Modifying or Deleting an Ellipsoid
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To modify or delete an ellipsoid

  1. On the General tab of the Define Datum dialog box or the Modify Datum dialog box, under Ellipsoid, click Define.
  2. In the Ellipsoid Manager dialog box, select an ellipsoid.

    Click Map Setup tabCoordinate System panelDefine Global Coordinate System. At the Command prompt, enter ADEDEFCRDSYS. Select Define or Modify.

  3. To modify the ellipsoid, click Modify.

    To delete the ellipsoid, click Remove.

  4. If you are modifying an ellipsoid, enter a code and description for the ellipsoid.

    To modify a predefined ellipsoid, you must change the code before you can change the other ellipsoid properties.

  5. Under Calculation Method, select a calculation method.
  6. Enter the appropriate ellipsoid dimension parameters for the calculation method you selected.