Define Link Template dialog box (MAPOD2ASE)
NoteThis functionality applies only to an attribute data source that you use with drawing objects. It does not apply to a feature source or to attribute data you use with a feature source.

Use this dialog box to specify the table name for the new database table and to define the link template that identifies the database table.

To create a link template

At the Command prompt, enter mapod2ase.

Data Source

Select a data source from the list. If it is checked, you are connected to the data source. If you are not connected, click Connect.


Select a catalog and schema from the list, if required by this data source.

Table Name

Specify a unique name for the link template.

Key Columns

Specify the columns to use as key columns. Separate multiple names with commas. To select from a list of field names in the object data table, or to rename the fields, click Select.

Clicking Select displays the Select Link Template Key dialog box.

Link Template

Specify a unique link template name.