Associating Database Versions with File Extensions
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To associate database versions with files extensions

  1. In the Tool-based Ribbon Workspace, click Map Setup tabMap panelangle-arrow.
  2. In the AutoCAD Map Options dialog box, select the Data Source tab.
  3. Under Associate Database Versions With File Extensions, select Associate.
  4. In the Associate Database Versions dialog box, under each database name, do one of the following:
    • To be prompted each time you drag and drop a database file onto the Map Explorer tab of the Task Pane, select Always Prompt.
    • To associate a database file extension with a specific version of the database software, select Always Use. Select the correct version.

      When you drop a database file onto the Map Explorer tab, AutoCAD Map 3D checks the file extension and uses the specified version of the database software.