Define Link Template dialog box (MAPIMPORT4)

This dialog box was used to define a new link template when importing an external map file into AutoCAD Map 3D format. It has been discontinued. Instead, use one of the following procedures or commands.

To import data from other formats

To import from Arc/INFO

To import from MapInfo MIF/MID

To import SHP data

Click Home tabData panelImport From Files. At the Command prompt, enter mapimport.


When you click OK, a link template is created for the table using the key columns in the Key Selection area that have been set to On.

Table Specification Area

Select a data source, catalog, and schema. Enter the name of a table. To select from a list of table names, click List.

Link Template Area

Enter a name for the link template. Link template names can be up to 31 alphanumeric characters.

Key Selection Area

Specify a key column by selecting the column and clicking On.