Modifying Other Image Properties
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Use the Properties palette to modify image properties such as the following:

The settings apply only to the selected images.

NoteThese options do not affect images you added with Data Connect. If the image you are inserting is supported, connect to it and add it to your map using Data Connect. This gives you more control over styling and other options.

Rotation is in degrees (or the units set by the AUNITS system variable); scale, width, and height are based on the unit of measurement used in the drawing.

When you insert an image, it is inserted on the current AutoCAD layer. Since AutoCAD Map 3D controls the visibility and behavior of the layers, you can move an image to another AutoCAD layer to take advantage of the layer properties. For example, to display images, but not edit them, move the images to an AutoCAD layer and lock the layer.

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