Setting Coordinate System Options
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You can set several options to determine how AutoCAD Map 3D performs coordinate system transformations and responds when you open drawings with embedded coordinate system definitions.

These options apply only to the current drawing. Each time you open a drawing, these settings take effect, but they do not affect other drawings.

Coordinate Transformation Adjustments

Coordinate transformation allows the manipulation of the coordinate geometry. Use the Coordinate Transformation Adjustment options to specify how AutoCAD Map 3D performs coordinate transformations through adjustments for size, scale, rotation, and elevation.

After you query objects into a drawing from source drawings, do not change the coordinate transformation options if you plan to save changes back to the source drawings.

Note The AutoCAD Map 3D simple transformation options, available in the Drawing Settings dialog box, cannot be used with coordinate transformations.

Storing Coordinate Systems in the Drawing

When you open a drawing that has a coordinate system that is not in your dictionary, AutoCAD Map 3D can add that coordinate system definition to your dictionary. You can choose to always add the definitions, never add the definitions, or have AutoCAD Map 3D prompt you each time.


Specify the units to use when displaying geodetic distance.

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