Creating a Node Topology
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

create a node topology

  1. Do one of the following to bring nodes into the current drawing:
    • Attach the drawings containing the nodes. Query the nodes into the current drawing.
    • Open the drawing containing the nodes.
    • Import nodes from another file format.
  2. Click Create tabTopology panelNew. At the Command prompt, enter maptopocreate.
  3. In the Create Topology - Select Topology dialog box:
    • Click Node to specify the type of topology to create.
    • Enter a name and description for the new topology.

      Names can contain letters, numbers, and the underscore, hyphen, and dollar characters. Names cannot include spaces.

    • Click Next.
  4. In the Create Node Topology - Select Nodes dialog box, specify the nodes to include in the topology:
    • To include all nodes in the map, click Select All.
    • To manually select the nodes to include, click Select Manually. Click Select Nodes to select the nodes in the map. When you finish selecting nodes, press Enter.
    • To filter (restrict) node selection by layer (only the nodes that are on specified layers will be selected), specify those layers in the Layers box. To select from a list of layers in the map, click Select Layers. If the layer is not listed, it may be Frozen, Locked, or Off. To use all layers, enter an asterisk (*).
    • To use only selected blocks as node objects, specify those blocks in the Blocks box. To use points as nodes, select the ACAD_POINT block.
    • To filter node selection by object class, specify those object classes in the Object Classes box. Only nodes that belong to the specified object classes will be included in the topology.

    The layer, block, and object class filters apply to both automatic and manual selection of nodes.

  5. Click Finish to create the topology.
  6. If appropriate, save the topology information back to source drawings.