Finding All Drawing Objects Containing Specific SQL Information
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A SQL condition checks information in an external database and retrieves drawing objects that are linked to records that match the condition.

Example: If a database table stores information on supplier, owner, and cost of furniture in a set of drawings, you can define a query to show all chairs purchased from a specific supplier.

Use a query with a SQL condition to retrieve objects based on the value in a linked data base record. In this example, all pads with a phase type of 'C' are retrieved. Move your cursor over the image to see the results.

NoteIf you are retrieving objects from attached drawings, you must have the same data base attached in both the attached drawing and the current drawing.

You must link SQL data to objects before you can use a SQL query. For more information about connecting to external databases and linking records to objects in your drawings, see Setting Up Data Sources for Drawings and Overview of Linking Database Records to Objects.

Specifying a Value

The operator and the value define the condition that the value in the table must match. For example, if you select the operator < (less than) and enter a value of 5, the condition retrieves all objects linked to records in which the value in the table is less than five.


Because a SQL condition relies on the ability to connect to a data source, the condition will not work if any part of the connection is broken:

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