Finding All Drawing Objects Containing Specific SQL Information
Concept Procedure Quick Reference
NoteThis procedure applies only to drawing objects. For information about feature data, see Finding and Selecting Features.

To retrieve drawing objects based on linked SQL data

  1. Before you execute a query with a SQL condition, be sure that the appropriate data source is attached and connected.
  2. In Map Explorer, under Current Drawing, right-click Current Query, and then click Define.
  3. Click SQL.
  4. In the SQL Link Condition dialog box, select the link template for the table you want to search.

    If you are querying attached drawings, the link template list includes only link templates defined in the active attached drawings.

  5. Create a SQL condition by selecting a column, an operator, and a value.

    To enter a condition, click Type Condition.

    To reuse a condition you defined previously, click History. Select the condition.

  6. Click Add Condition to add the condition to the Current SQL Condition list.
  7. To add more conditions, select And or Or and create another condition.
  8. When you finish building the SQL condition, click OK.
  9. In the Define Query dialog box, select a query mode.
  10. Click Execute Query.
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