Transforming the Coordinate System of a Drawing
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To transform the coordinate system of a drawing

  1. Open a new drawing.
  2. Attach the drawing whose coordinate system you want to transform. See Attaching Drawings.
  3. In the new drawing, assign the new coordinate system to the current drawing. See Assigning a Coordinate System to the Current Drawing.
  4. If you have not already assigned a coordinate system to the original drawing, do that now. Assign the coordinate system that was used to create the original drawing. See Assigning a Coordinate System to a Source Drawing.
  5. Define a query to bring in all objects from the source drawing. The easiest way to do this is to define a location condition and use the Boundary Type "All." This retrieves all objects in the source drawing. See Finding All Objects in a Specified Location.

As the objects are retrieved from the source drawing into the current drawing, they are transformed from the coordinate system of the source drawing to the coordinate system of the current drawing.

Once the objects are in the new drawing, you can detach the source drawing and save the new drawing. The objects are unchanged in the source drawing, but they use the new coordinate system in the new drawing.