Overview of Annotation Templates
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In an annotation template, you define the information to display in the annotation and the layout of that information. Annotation templates are stored as specially named blocks within your drawing.

After you create an annotation template, you can insert instances of the annotation into your drawing. Creating annotation templates and inserting annotation is like creating and inserting blocks.

Using Annotation Templates from XREF Drawings

Use annotation to label objects with data value, such as the following:

Text and properties are defined in the annotation template, and any values defined by expressions are determined when the annotation is inserted. When you add or remove textual elements or change properties or expressions in an annotation template, the existing annotations based on that template do not refresh automatically. Use the Refresh or the Update command to see those changes.

Annotation templates are stored in the drawing as special blocks. The two things that distinguish an annotation template block from a regular block are:

If you attach a drawing containing annotation templates as an XREF, the block names in the XREFed drawing have a prefix that consists of the XREF drawing file name followed by a vertical bar. Because the annotation commands identify annotation templates by looking for the "ACMAP_ANN_TEMPLATE_" at the beginning of the block name, the templates within the XREFed drawing will not be available through the annotation commands. Therefore, you cannot edit those annotation templates or use them to annotate any objects in the main drawing.

When you BIND an XREFed drawing containing annotation templates, the XREFed block names still have a prefix. To make these annotation templates available in the current drawing, alter the block name of the annotation template blocks using the RENAME command.

If you use the Insert option when you BIND an XREFed drawing containing annotation templates, any annotation templates in the XREFed drawing are immediately available in the main drawing as annotation templates. However, if there is a name conflict between an annotation template in the XREFed drawing and one in the main drawing, the template in the main drawing is retained, and the similarly named template in the XREFed drawing is discarded.

For more information, see Attach, Update, and Bind External References in the AutoCAD help.

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