Metadata Viewer

Use the Metadata Viewer to view metadata for the current drawing or for other resources.

To view metadata

In the Display Manager, select a layer. Click Tools View Metadata.

From the Metadata Viewer you can also perform the following actions:

Metadata Viewer Toolbar

Use the Metadata Viewer toolbar to perform the following actions.

Toolbar Button Action
Import Imports metadata from another program
Export Exports metadata to be read by another program
Print Prints metadata
Publish Publishes metadata to an XML, HTML, or TXT file
Update Auto Updates forced-update fields
Update All Updates all fields (assumes that the automatic update option is turned off)
Edit Opens the Metadata Editor
Create Template Creates a template from the currently-displayed metadata
Options Opens the Metadata Options dialog box
Learn More Opens the New Features Workshop
Help Displays help for the Metadata Viewer

Current Drawing

The Current Drawing tree view lists the current drawing DWG, and any feature classes or object classes (resources) associated with it.

Show All Feature Classes

View metadata for all feature classes from connected feature sources.

Folder Shortcut

Use the Folder Shortcut tree view to display metadata for other files on your local machine or on a server.

If you add or remove files from a folder that you uploaded to the Folder Shortcut tree view, right-click in the tree view, and click Refresh.


Create and view metadata for additional files.


Remove files you added to the Folder Shortcut tree view.

Metadata Tab

Display all the metadata related to the selected data source.

When you select a data source, AutoCAD Map 3D automatically identifies all the relevant metadata that it can, categorizes it according to the selected standard, and displays it in the Metadata Viewer. This tab is like a web browser, with links and levels you can expand or contract.

The Summary tab

If the selected data source is a file, use this tab to view basic information such as file type, size, and location.


Control the display of the metadata.

FGDC Classic/ISO Classic

Specify a standard for displaying the metadata.


Display the metadata in freeform XML format.


Display the metadata as text.

More Metadata

View metadata that is not part of the standard (FGDC or ISO) specified in the Metadata Options dialog box.