Overview of Theming Drawing Data
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Themes for drawing layers vary the stylization of drawing objects based on object properties or data associated with the objects.

For example, you can vary the shade of blue used for parcels, depending on the assessed property value of each parcel.

Change the color of each parcel based on assessed property value.

You can also use predefined themes, called ramps.

Theme Data

A theme for a drawing layer can be based on any of the following:

The data used for a theme on a drawing layer can be specific values, such as pipe material, land use, or pavement type, or a range of values, such as property value, temperature, or population.

If the data is a set of specific values, select which values you want. For example, an agricultural theme might show different crops in different colors. Each crop is a specific value. You can omit some crops.

If the data is ranges of values, select how many ranges you want and how to divide the data. For example, temperature can be any number along a continuum. You could divide temperature values into three ranges: below 30, 30 - 60, and over 60.

You can add a legend that lists the conditions of the theme and explains the colors, symbols, line patterns, shadings, and annotation used.

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