Exporting DWG Data to an FDO Data Store
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You can move DWG (drawing object) data into any Oracle database to which you have connected in AutoCAD Map 3D. You can also move DWG data into existing ESRI ArcSDE data stores to which you have connected in AutoCAD Map 3D.

Exporting DWG Data to Oracle

When you export to an existing Oracle table, you can use the data to populate both new and existing classes.

You can export a single class at a time and use the Feature Class tab to match your output fields to the existing fields. The left-hand column on the Feature Class tab (on the Export dialog box) is an expression, which allows you to concatenate fields or do calculations on them.

You can export data to multiple classes at one time and combine the data organization in your drawing with your selections on the Feature Class tab to determine the attributes for each exported feature class.

Object class property values are written to the feature class in Oracle if their data types match. Otherwise, AutoCAD Map 3D attempts to convert to a supported data type.

You can also use scripting to perform export operations. For single-class export, the parameters for each export operation can be saved in a profile and you can export multiple classes with a single script. This is helpful for the cases where the same complex set of operations must be done frequently.

Exporting DWG Data to ESRI ArcSDE

When you export data to ArcSDE format, you can export only to an existing ArcSDE data store with a complete schema. You cannot create or modify ArcSDE schemas using AutoCAD Map 3D.

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