Dynamic Input

For experienced AutoCAD users, the command-line interface is a shortcut for creating objects and specifying properties. AutoCAD Map 3D provides a command interface near the cursor. This interface is called dynamic input. The older command line window is hidden by default, but you can display it at any time.

With dynamic input, you can

An example of dynamic input

NoteWith the command line hidden, detailed information for some commands is not visible. To see this information, display the command line by pressing CTRL+9 on the keyboard.

Keep in mind the following rules :

To use dynamic input

  1. Position your cursor over an empty space in the map.
  2. Enter circle and press Enter.
  3. Respond to the prompts to draw a circle.
    • For the center point of the circle, click somewhere in the map.
    • For the radius of the circle, enter 500 and press Enter.

To turn dynamic input on or off

To turn off dynamic input temporarily

To control dynamic input settings

To hide or show the command line window

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