Theme dialog box
NoteThis functionality applies only to features.

Use this dialog box to create a theme for a feature source layer, based on a range of conditions. The title of the dialog box changes, depending on the type of geometry in the feature you are theming.

To create a theme for a feature layer

In Display Manager, right-click a feature layer Edit Style.

A theme is a collection of rules. Each rule specifies a style and feature label for the features that meet the specified condition. You can add a legend label to provide a description of a rule’s condition.

Create Thematic Rules Based On A Property


Select the property on which to base the theme.

Minimum Value

Specify the minimum value for the range.

Maximum Value

Specify the maximum value for the range.

The first rule includes the Minimum Value and the last rule includes the Maximum Value. Styles are interpolated across the range.


Select a method. For more information, see Theming Features.

Number of Rules

Specify the number of ranges to create if Distribution Method is Equal, Quantile, or Jenks (Natural Breaks). Properties containing strings use an Individual Values distribution that does not allow the number of rules to be edited. Adjust the number of rules to control the coarseness of the theme. For more information about distribution methods, see Theming Features.

Replace Existing Rules

Specify whether new ranges replace existing rules (ranges) or are added before or after existing rules.

Theme The Polygons/Lines/Points

Select the Theme The Polygons/Lines/Pointscheck box to use a different style for each rule of the theme. The first rule uses the From style and the last rule uses the To style. Styles are interpolated across the range.

Style Range

Click . The Style Point dialog box, Style Line dialog box, or Style Polygon dialog box is displayed, depending on the type of data associated with the layer.

Create Legend Labels

Select the Create Legend Labels check box to label the theme in the legend.

Legend Text

Enter the text to appear next to each rule in the legend

Legend Format

Specify how to display the legend label.

If you theme a layer on a property that contained area information and you used the label text Area:, the label formats might look like the following examples:

<Label Text> <Min> to <Max>

Area: 100 to 200

<Label Text> <Min> - <Max>

Area: 100 - 200

<Min> <= <Label Text> <<Max>

100 <= Area < 200

Create Feature Labels

Select the Create Feature Labels check box to add labels to the features in your theme. The label is placed near the line, point symbol, or polygon.

Label Ramp

Click to specify the property to display, font, size, format, color, background style and color, alignment, and rotation of the labels. For more information, see the Style Label dialog box.