Theming Features
Concept Procedure Quick Reference

To create a theme for a feature layer

  1. In Display Manager, select a feature layer. Click the Style icon in the toolstrip.

    For information about creating a new feature layer, see Bringing in GIS Features.

  2. In the Style Editor, under Scale Ranges, select the scale range to theme.

    For more information about scale ranges, see Defining Scale Ranges.

  3. In the Polygon Style, Point Style, or Line Style area, click New Theme.
  4. To analyze features based on values that fall into various numerical ranges, do the following:
    • For Property, select the property on which to base the theme.
    • For properties with numeric values, specify the Minimum Value and Maximum Value for the range.
    • For properties with numeric values, select a Distribution method. For more information about distribution methods, see the Concepts tab of this topic.

      The first rule includes the Minimum Value and the last rule includes the Maximum Value. Styles are interpolated across the range.

      You can specify the number of rules to create if Distribution method is Equal, Quantile, or Jenks (Natural Breaks). Properties containing strings use an Individual Values distribution that does not allow the number of rules to be edited. Adjust the number of rules to control the granularity of the theme.

    • If you are editing an existing theme, you can replace any existing rules by selecting Replace existing rules.
  5. The default Style Range shows the styles that will be used for each rule. Your options depend on the type of geometry stored on this feature layer.
  6. To add labels to features in the theme, do the following:
  7. To create legend labels for the theme, do the following:
    • Select the Create Legend Labels check box.
    • For Legend Text, enter the text to appear next to each rule in the legend.

      For example, if you are theming by size, you could change the legend text to “Square Acreage.”

    • For Label Format, specify how to display the legend label.

      If you theme a layer on a property that contained area information and you used the label text Area:, the label formats might look like the following examples:

      <Label Text> <Min> to <Max>

      Area: 100 to 200

      <Label Text> <Min> - <Max>

      Area: 100 - 200

      <Min> <= <Label Text> <<Max>

      100 <= Area < 200

      For information on inserting a legend into your map, see Adding a Legend.