Data Table dialog box

Use the Data Table much as you would a database spreadsheet.

To find and select features

In Display Manager or Map Explorer, click Table.

NoteYou can also access a specialized version of the Data Table from the Survey tab on the Task Pane. For Survey data, the Data Table displays survey point data, and is called the Points Table.

The functionality described below applies only to geospatial features.


Select a feature source or data table to view or edit.


Automatically zoom to the map to the selected rows.


Automatically scroll the Data Table to the current selection in your map.

Filter by

Select a property to use to filter the Data Table, then type a value to use for the filter and click Apply Filter .

Clear Filter

Double-click to remove the active filter and show all data for this feature layer.


Enter a row number to scroll the Data Table to that row. Currently selected row numbers appear in this field.

Search to Select

Select features using a query.

  • Export—Export the data from the selected row(s) to a text file (.csv).
  • Select All—Select all rows in the Data Table.
  • Select None—Deselect all rows in the Data Table.
  • Zoom To—Zoom the map to the selected row.
  • Create A Join/Manage Joins—Add, edit, or delete joins to external data for the current feature layer.
    NoteYou cannot create or manage joins for survey point data.
  • Create A Calculation/Manage Calculations—Add, edit, or delete calculated properties for this feature layer. A calculated property is based on the current properties. The new property is not added to the original data store, but is available in this map only.
    NoteYou cannot create or manage calculations for survey point data.
  • Set Split and Merge Rules—Specify how properties will be assigned when you split or merge features.
  • Help—Open the Data Table help topic.