Exercise 2: Use Data Connect to add data to your map

Use Display Manager to bring in a file containing road data.

To add data to your map

  1. In the Task Pane, switch to Display Manager.
  2. In the Display Manager menu area, click Data Connect To Data.

    Use the Data menu in the Task pane to add any type of data to a map.

    The Data Connect window is displayed.

  3. Under Data Connections By Provider (on the left side), click Add SHP Connection.
  4. Click the file icon next to Source File Or Folder (on the right side).
  5. Navigate to the sample data folder and select Roads.shp. Click Open.
  6. Click Connect to add the Roads SHP file as a data source.

    To add a feature, first connect to its source.

  7. In the Data Connect window, click Add to Map.

    Click Add To Map to see the data in your map.

  8. Close the Data Connect window by clicking the X at the top.

View a Demonstration

Click the arrow button in the picture to see how to connect to data: