Exercise 1: Drag and drop a source file

Start by creating a map file and adding the city boundaries of Redding to it.

To create a map and add a source file

  1. Before you begin this tutorial, see Lesson 1: Get Ready to Use the Tutorials.
  2. Create a map file.
    • Click New Drawing.
    • Select the map2d.dwt template.
    • Click Open.
  3. Set the coordinate system for the map.
    • Switch to Map Explorer in the Task Pane.
    • Right-click Current Drawing and click Coordinate System.
    • Enter CA-I and click OK.
  4. Add the city boundaries to your map by dragging and dropping a source file to Display Manager.
    • Switch to Display Manager in the Task pane.
    • Use Windows Explorer to navigate to the folder in My Documents where you copied the sample files.
      NoteThe location of My Documents varies, depending on your operating system. For Microsoft Windows XP, it is usually C:\MyDocuments. For Microsoft Vista, it might be C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Map 3D Tutorials.
    • Resize the AutoCAD Map 3D window and your sample data folder window so you can see both of them at the same time.
    • Drag and drop the City_Boundary.sdf file onto the lower area of the Display Manager, just above the Map Base layer.

      Drag and drop the city boundary file to Display Manager.

      The Redding city boundaries appear in your map.

  5. Click Save As AutoCAD Drawing. In your tutorials folder, name the file BuildMap1.dwg and click OK.

To continue this tutorial, go to Exercise 2: Attach a drawing file.